chevy truck Here is my 1981 Chevy short box truck.
It has a two wheel drive, 350 V8 with
a 13inch dia clutch, With a New Process 3
speed with overdrive transmission you could
do burn outs for as long as you wanted!
Here is what the truck look like when I
first bought it. The owner before me installed
three quater ton springs on it. First thing we
did was remove half the springs from the rear.
One nice thing I did with this truck is installed a
great stereo system. It had 10 speakers in it.
2 8-inch speakers in the doors
2 6x9's in the cab corners
2 6 inch speakers in the dashboard's corners
2 two inch speakers in the center dash
2 tweeters in the cab corners.
There was a good amount of rust on this truck
so we took it apart and did a frame off restoration
on it to make it easyer to get at all the rust spots.
We used the over head crane to lift the body and
cab off of the truck. Having the crane made things
so much easier.
We placed the truck cab on a cart so that we can
move it around. With the cab off and up where we
can get at it, it was easy to weld in new cab
corners and rocker panels.
Chevy Truck The passenger side of the bed just needed some
patch work. I did a losey job on this but it still
came out ok. The driver's side had to be completely
replaced it was so bad.
With everything patched up on the body
we then repainted it.
I used auto motive paint in the color
Canary Red. It wasn't exactly the same as
the original paint but it looked great.

chevy truck chevy truck chevy truck